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Check out my interview, Tips on Septic System Repairs on New Hampshire Homes, one of the top sites for New Hampshire homes for sale, including Goffstown, NH real estate. New Hampshire Homes also services Connecticut homes for sale and Vermont homes for sale.

drainage systems

Drainage & Culverts

Drainage culverts are an essential component of the flood protection works. If left unchecked a damaged culvert could initiate a dyke failure.  Culverts come in many shapes and sizes, including round, elliptical, flat-bottomed, pear-shaped, and box. They vary from the small drainage culverts found on highways and driveways to large diameter structures on significant waterways or supporting large water control works.

Septic Systems

Whether you are your own contractor or you're looking to sub out, Select Excavation and Landscaping has the tools to dig and install septic systems for both new and old residential properties.


Select Excavation and Landscaping has years of experience with Excavation, from clearing lots to digging, stumping and grading.  We have equipment on-hand to get both large and small jobs done.  Our expertise includes all of the following:

  • General digging
  • Stump removal
  • Grading & leveling lots
  • Digging trenches
  • Digging home foundations
  • Home addition digging



Driveways say a lot about your home.  Select Excavation and Landscaping provides services to repair or build asphalt or crushed stone driveways of all sizes.  Looking to really spruce up your home?  Let Select Excavation and Landscaping design and build you a beautiful custom driveway with pavers and add landscaping around it for a truly professional sharp look.


Often overlook, having professional dug trenches can make of break many projects.  Getting a new pool installed?  Let Select Excavation and Landscaping dig those cumbersome trenches for pool lines.  We'll get in and out quickly, and like every project we do, we include clean-up so you'd never know we were there!



On this page:

  • septic systems - digging, installing
  • site work - general digging, stumps, grading, leveling
  • trenches - digging lines for pool piping or electrical or other similar
  • house lots - clearing lots, stump it, grade it, dig foundation, perimeter drain
  • additions - digging foundation for addition
  • driveways (paving/crushed stone)